Upcoming Events – Summer 2010

Share Southern Vermont is expanding it’s service area in the Summer of 2010!  Look for us in these locations throughout Central and Northern Vermont in July and August!


the DoubleTree Hotel In Burlington, Vermont on Saturday, August 14th. This event is scheduled for 2-5 pm.



or at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Montpelier, Vermont on Sunday, August 15th. This event is scheduled for 1-4 pm.


These events are FREE and open to anyone who has been touched by the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth,  infant death, or families faced with difficult decisions.

~How long ago did you lose your baby?

~Was support offered at the time of your loss?

~Were you invited to meet with a peer-to-peer support, another bereaved parent, or a social worker?

Did you know that there is a group of parents who get what you are going through, who live it on a daily basis too, who can support you as you re-enter the real world and feel like you are left to navigate your loss – alone.

You are NOT alone. Share Southern Vermont is here to support you at the most tragic time of your life.  Come out and meet us, peruse our resources, find a peer-match who has a similar story.

 Medical providers this means you too! You play a leading role in bereaved family’s experience and memories. Come to learn more about Share, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support. how we can support you as you do your job, and families as they re-enter the world with empty arms.

Come join us to get more information on how Share Southern Vermont can support your family. An extensive library of resources for purchase will be available. Registration is free and confidential.

To pre-register, please contact Ariel Darby at arieldarby@hotmail.com or by phone at (802)479-0158. We look forward meeting you.

Both events will follow the same agenda:

30 minutes -   Registration and exhibits

15 minutes -  Welcoming Remarks: Cara Tyrrell, Share Southern Vermont President

Remaining Time – Share Southern Vermont presentation, Exhibits, Silent Auction Bidding, and Family Resource Outreach 


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