Forever In Our Hearts Comfort Package

Contents of FOH Packages Rotate Year to Year


Leaving the hospital without a baby is the most devastating day of a mother’s life. The Forever In Our Hearts project provides grieving mothers and fathers with a package of memorializing tools to encourage healthy grieving from the onset. Included in each package is: a handmade, hardwood memory box, a plush memory bear or pig, a ‘grieving your baby’ guide, memory bands for the family that read: SHARE – Forever In Our Hearts, a resource list of helpful books, movies, and websites for early grief, our brochure, business card and an open invitation to attend monthly support meetings. They also contain cuddle pillows, butterfly tattoos, and water bottles.  Each memory box becomes a tangible extension of their angel baby, providing a safe place to keep treasured belongings. The card inside reads: Every Life, No Matter How Fragile Or Brief – Forever Changes the World


Losing a baby is life-altering. Whether the loss occurred at 9 weeks, 40 weeks or after birth the intense sadness, emptiness and loneliness that mothers feel is earth-shattering in magnitude. The world suddenly seems to be full of people with babies. These mothers have empty arms. They feel totally alone, as if nobody can understand the depth of their grief. Shock, the first phase of grief, can remain for an extended period of time. The result is devastating when grieving mothers and sisters are expected to ‘move on’ and rejoin a world filled with people who have already returned to their normal routines.  Until SSV was founded in December of 2008, southern Vermont didn’t have any public resources available for this population. Over the course of the last year SSV has worked diligently to spread the word that support is now available. Receiving a memory box, memory bear, and bands to wear assures grieving mothers that they are not alone, that their baby’s life mattered to others. Our message is clear: healthy grieving leads to integrated grief, which in turn creates stronger, enlightened women, ready to give back to other mothers, sisters, and daughters just embarking on their grief journey.

PROJECT GOAL for 2011:

*Purchase materials for and produce 50 hardwood, handmade memory boxes.

*Place laminated cards in each box: Every Life, No Matter How Brief – Forever Changes The World.

*Invite  all recipients to attend a support meeting to make connections with other hurting families and launch their grieving journey.

* Give each stricken family the same set of resources, grieving and memorializing opportunities by standardizing the contents of the package they receive.


Each Forever In Our Hearts kit costs $60.50 to compile and deliver.  Some families make a FOH donation annually on their baby’s birthday or during the holiday season. Anyone can me a FOH donation at any time of the year by writing FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS on your check or the message section of your online donation form. Knowing that another family will receive this box of memorializing tools because of you, is a great feeling.

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