Memory Boxes


MEMORY BOXES: The Tangible Piece of Our Babies’ Short Lives

 Share Southern Vermont, Inc. takes great pleasure in giving memory boxes to greiving families. Having a safe and beautiful place to store all the items that remind you most of your child is essential for the grieving process.

These handmade, hardwood boxes are created with donated materials and donated time.

There is no cost to families. So much has been taken from them. To give even this, feels too little. However, donations are always accepted in memory of our lost children.


PRESS RELEASE:  “Local Non-Profit Seeking Volunteer Wookworkers”

Are you a woodworker? Do you like to spend time in your shop? Have you ever experienced the loss of a baby or been connected to a family who has? Have you always wanted to know how to help?  

Share Southern Vermont, Inc. is a 501 c 3, not-for-profit chapter of Share National which has been serving bereaved families and caregivers worldwide for over 30 years. At Share, bereaved parents find comfort in friendship, strength in shared experiences and hope for healing and happiness. Share’s mission is to serve these families as sadly, 1 out of 4 babies die due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or infant death in the first few months of life. Our organization is fully supported by donations.

In addition to monthly support group meetings, annual memory walks, candle lighting ceremonies, angel ornament drives, and the upcoming fundraiser: bowling for babies; Share Southern Vermont also provides families with hardwood, handmade memory boxes. Parents take some comfort in knowing they have a tangible item to keep all their baby’s precious items in. Last winter Jeremiah Tyrrell, father of Emma Grace Tyrrell born still on September 8th, 2000 and owner of Tyrrell’s Angels Construction made twenty boxes. “We anticipated them lasting throughout the year”, says Cara, Tyrrell’s wife and founding director of Share Southern Vermont, “the sad news is we aren’t going to make it. We are down to our last four boxes and it is only August.”

The frequency of loss in the Southern Vermont communities has surprised even Tyrrell. “We tell every family, ‘We are so sad you are here ~ We are so glad you came’ and I find myself saying it more and more lately. I really didn’t expect our support group to growing this quickly.” Every time a baby dies another family’s life is forever altered.

Families are always invited to attend monthly support meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Community Room of the Whiting Library in Chester, Vermont. But even if they aren’t ready to sit with us it is essential each suffering family receives the same support, including receiving a memory box, to set the foundation for healthy grieving.

If you feel led to donate materials please E-Mail us.

If you are willing to make some boxes please visit the above website to view the 2010 memory box, then contact Cara at 802-226-7231 or at

All donations, both materials and time, are tax deductible. “Thank you” says Tyrrell, “to all who make the time. Because you give, we Share.”

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