Grief/Loss Support

Losing a baby puts a family into one of life’s most challenging situations. The sadness emptiness and loneliness that parents feel after the loss of a percious baby – whether at 9 weeks, 40 weeks or after birth, is shattering in magnitude.

We understand. We are a group of parents who have lost babies of our own. While our stories are each a unique tale, we have found that being part of a grieving community can bring comfort and healing.

Grief can be delayed, but cannot be denied. Whether you are new to this journey or have been grieving without support for 5, 10, 15 or 30 years…you are welcome.

As Your Baby Has Forever Changed You

Our monthly meetings are unstructured. Within this context we share our experiences of loss and reflect upon our struggles to grieve, heal and grow.

Attending families may choose to contribute or simply sit and listen. Couple may also join us remotely via Skype, if they live a great distance away are are unsure they are ready to sit with others yet.

A lending library of books, web resources and newsletters are always available.


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