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Our Rainbow Babies - Hope For The Future

Navigating through healthy grieving is a hard job. It truly is work. And that work is only compounded when you become pregnant again, deliver and begin to parent your rainbow baby.  Our PALS group offers a place to come with your fears and anxiety during pregnancy and your ‘smother parenting’ tendencies once that baby joins you.

SSV’s PALS meeting has been meeting since January 2010.  Because our service area has become so broad, the PALS group meets by request. The goal is to gather in your area with other families living through loss, subsequent pregnancy and parenting.

If you feel the need to access support around a PALS issue, contact us at We will then reach out to other families in your area and together you can decide on a localized place and time to meet. For example, if two or three families in the Rutland area felt the need to gather, we can travel that direction.

We hope this works for the immediate future, especially considering the summer months tend to be full of commitments for everyone.

Grief / Loss support meetings will remain unchanged.

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Pregnancy and infant loss support